Picnic Island Fun Package

With Picnic Island fun package we offer our vacationists a wide variety of activities which mainly includes travelling to an uninhabited natural island called Kuda Bandos. A variety of activities which includes buffet, lunch, swimming, hiking and snorkeling and more can be done easily on the island. The natural beauty of the coral islands will be experienced in this package.

Picnic Island fun package is filled with exotic experiences and enjoyment which also includes water sports activities. This is a package for the naturalist, adventurist or for people who are just looking for plain fun. We have designed this package for 5 to 6 nights stay in our hotel, Surfview Raalhugadu.



  • 2 Pax Package

    USD 125 per pax / per day

    For extra pax USD 115 per day will be charged.

  • 4 Pax Package

    USD 110 per pax / per day

    For extra pax USD 100 per day will be charged.

  • 8 Pax Package

    USD 95 per pax / per day

    For extra pax USD 85 per day will be charged.


Submarine Dive

Male’ ,the capital of the Maldives, is the commercial center, seat of government and the location of many important historical and religious landmarks. With an area of just over 1.77 square Km, it is home to over seventy thousand people, and the busiest and the most populous island in the archipelago. In the past, it has been known as the Sultan’s island.

Imagine yourself cruising through an underwater garden filled with tropical fish. This is exactly what you will experience during your 45 minute dive. On board the submarine you will descend to a submerged reef 45 meters beneath the surface. However the first stop is at 25 meters where you will see a colorful display of corals and different types of reef fish. In most of the dives the submarine is greeted by a school

Of blue or yellow-stripped Snappers. Common Lion-fish, Yellow Box Fish and turtles are usually found here. Next stop at 40 meters is yet another type of coral garden and depending on current the submarine will be beached on a sandy spot just close to a big cave. The exterior lights of the submarine will enable you to see the different types of fish taking shelter inside the cave. Occasionally White Tip Reef Sharks and Napoleons are sighted here.



The coral reefs in the Maldives are inhabited by diverse marine life and are teaming with colorful fish. Snorkeling is the easiest way to enjoy the beauty found beyond the lagoon.

Reef snorkeling takes place directly from the boat and is therefore suitable for stronger swimmers. Guests are advised to wear adequate sun screen.



Day Visits Resort

Let us know and we can arrange for you to visit a resort for the day.

If you are in Male for business, for a more authentic Maldivian experience, you can still have a resort experience. We can arrange day-trips to nearby resorts upon request, allowing you access to all their facilities in competitive packages.



Night Fishing

Night fishing is a special Maldivian form of evening entertainment in which you could enjoy the peace and stillness of the night under starry skies while you fish for snapper or grouper, and end the evening with a barbecue prepared with your very own catch.